My game is crashing. What can I do?

Please make sure your operating system and game version are up-to-date. If your game still crashes upon launch or after playing for some time, here are a few possible solutions. First, try a simple soft restart: Hold down the lock button located at the top of your device for a few seconds, then slide to power your device off when prompted. If this does not help, try a hard restart: Hold down the lock button and the home button for a few seconds until you see the Apple logo. Ignore the prompt to power off and just keep holding those two buttons. This method involves a substantially longer restart than the soft restart mentioned earlier. If neither the soft nor hard restarts work, try deleting the game from your device and re-downloading it. Note that all game files will be removed and will be unrecoverable.

I no longer have the game in my device, nor in iTunes. Do I have to pay for it again?

You can download it repeatedly by clicking on the Buy button. The App Store will inform you, that it has already been bought. You do not pay for another download.

I have a new device. Can I transfer my saved game from the old device?

Currently it is not possible to transfer a saved game from an old device.

When will the new update for my application be released?

We cannot present details about updating or specific new application release data.

How do I update iOS games?

On the iPhone itself: Tap the APP STORE icon. If updates are available, the "Updates" icon will have a red number over it showing the number of updates. Touch "Updates." You can update them all using the "Update All" icon in the upper right, or one at a time by selecting each one, then "Update."

Through iTunes: Open iTunes. Connect your iPhone. Click on Applications on the left. Click "CHECK FOR UPDATES" in the lower right part of the iTunes application. Click the "Update" button or update them one at a time if you prefer.

I have removed the game from my device by mistake and lost my saved scores. How can I get them back?

The score and saved position are a part of the game and therefore cannot be returned.

I would like to return an application that I have bought.

All the applications are sold via iTunes and you will have to contact Apple directly for the return of your money. We cannot offer any financial compensation.

In-app purchase issue.

All iOS games by ECA Games can be obtained at the iTunes Store only. In-application purchases can be purchased with the iTunes account you have used to purchase the game. Other accounts will not work. All the refunds of the purchases made via the iTunes Store are handled by Apple. You can find more information about the terms and conditions here: http://www.apple.com/legal/itunes/us/terms.html

How do I buy a game?

If you want our games on your iOS device (iPhone, iPod or iPad), the right place to get them is the iTunes App Store. You can download games directly to your device, but we suggest downloading it through the iTunes application on your PC and then syncing it with your device. It will prevent data corruption which might cause some glitches in the future.

To download the game from iTunes follow these steps:

-Access the iTunes application.
-Select "iTunes Store" from the side toolbar on the iTunes main page.
-Type the name of the game in the "Search" field in the upper-right corner of the page. If you are not sure which game you would like to buy, you can type the word "ECA Games" in the search engine and you will see a full selection of our games.
-Choose the version compatible with your device.
-Press the "Buy" button.
-After the game is finished downloading, please “Sync” it with your device and after the game is installed, turn your device off and then on. Now you can start playing! Enjoy!

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