Rock(s) Rider – HD Edition | TouchArcade.com Review

We are honored that TouchArcade, the largest site dedicated to iPhone and iPad gaming, has reviewed our Rock(s) Rider – HD Edition game!

Do you wonder what is the result? The game has got the amazing 4/5 stars rating!

“Rock(s) Rider – HD Edition is absolutely gorgeous, but it’s also a fun Trials-like motorbike racer.”
(TouchArcade Twitter)


“You know how many developers brag about their game’s “console-quality” visuals? Well, Rock(s) Rider HD’s visuals can definitely be called console-quality.”
(TouchArcade Review)


“Fortunately for us, Rock(s) Rider HD is very fun to play, the kind of game that’s all about glorious, repeated failures on the way to a satisfying victory.”
(TouchArcade Review)

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