Rock(s) Rider


Know that feeling? Put earplugs in, shake them with the rock, start the bike, and with the roaring engine accomplish the impossible. That’s the new Rock(s) Rider. Show them what you’ve got and reach the finish line despite the various obstacles, junk, and pitfalls. Let's rock and ride!


  • A large number of levels in various environments
  • Slide on a modified motorcycle with welded pipes
  • Crazy rides on a trike
  • Hill climb levels in a factory chimney
  • Side-by-side races with the Boss
  • Bet on fulfillment of the challenges
  • More than 110 challenges
  • 50 achievements
  • Extensive rock soundtrack
  • 9 control variants for the perfect playability
  • Ultra-realistic bike physics


  • Version: 1.3.9
  • Released: 2. 5. 2012
  • Updated: 16. 12. 2015
  • Size: 527 MB
  • Rating: Rated 12+


Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Requires iOS 6.0 or later.


  • English


* Includes Wallpaper for Both Home Screen & Lock Screen for iPhone and iPad.