Rock(s) Rider – HD Edition


Kick-start your bike, turn on the hard hitting rock music, throw yourself into the underground race and pull the impossible off! Mastering obstacles and risky traps wait for you on the hot tracks. Everybody will see you doing incredibly mad tricks! Grab the all bonus rewards. Race the boss or bet him on a trophy. Slide with the motorbike on dangerous constructions, go through adrenaline on a trike and show to everybody how far you can get with the Hill Climbing motorcycle. Or slow down the reality as in a movie… Show off, get respect among your friends and on the Global Leaderboards… Just enjoy unexpectedly realistic and powerful experience!

8 exceptional features

  • Extraordinarily unique graphics on the same level as console games
  • Sliding with the motorcycle on metal constructions thanks to steel bars welded on wheels
  • Crazy ride on a trike
  • Extreme rising with the Hill Climbing motorcycle to the top of the factory chimney
  • Incomparably sensitive physics of the motorbike on iOS
  • Rock soundtrack including 17 full tracks ideal for headphones
  • Slowing down the reality thanks to Slow Motion zones
  • Better protection against crashes with help of Safety Cage system

Other features

  • 64 levels in 5 industrial environments
  • More than 150 challenges
  • Races side by side with the Boss
  • Ragdoll physics of a rider
  • 65 Global Leaderboards and 56 Achievements
  • Up to 9 control variants for perfect gameplay
  • Catapults, lifts, ramps and other movable traps
  • Hunting fiery flames, falling traverses, car wrecks
  • Nitro Oxide System for the higher performance
  • 15 graphic skins for a bike
  • 15 outfits for a rider

The HD edition is based on highly detailed 3D models and brand new textures with double resolution. We have granted funs’ wishes of our former game and have brought Ragdoll Physics and highly sophisticated physics of the motorcycle. Many new effects have been added and more than 80,000 other objects have been placed to the all environments (200,000 objects in total). The game is primarily designed for the newest iOS devices where runs at 60 fps.


  • Version: 1.0.4
  • Released: 3. 9. 2015
  • Updated: 22. 4. 2016
  • Size: 1.02 GB
  • Rating: Rated 12+


Compatible with iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPad mini, iPod touch (5th generation) or newer. Requires iOS 8.0 or later.


  • English



* Includes Wallpaper for iPhone (1080x1920), iPad (2048x2048) and Desktop (2560x1600).